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12/21/2016-Refi Review
Overall Rating: 5 stars Rate: 5 stars Fees & Closing Costs: 5 stars Responsiveness: 5 stars Customer Service: 5 stars
I've now used Guaranty Federal Mortgage at least 3 times for both refinances and new purchases.  I've recommended them several times.  I'm always very pleased with the service and quick response I get.  I've used Chris every time.  He’s awesome about working with my crazy schedule.  He takes time to listen to my situation and find the best product for me to achieve my goals.  He quickly and thoroughly explains the products and the process...never leaving me feeling lost.  He guided me through the new appraisal process when it was fresh (5 years ago).  He helped me work with an unyielding builder when the appraisal wasn't coming back where it needed to be.  It was a painful, stressful, almost emotional battle and he patiently helped me through it and we eventually got it closed.  I recommend them to all my friends and coworkers.  They are a gem of a find in the crazy mortgage world.

By: Ybarra-Houston, Tx


12/20/2016 [Review ID: 78882809]

Overall Rating: 5 stars Rate: 5 stars Fees & Closing Costs: 5 stars Responsiveness: 5 stars Customer Service: 5 stars

Would recommend to a friend: Yes

Review Title: Truly a 5 star experience

It was a pleasure working with Jesse Hennenman to refinance my home. He thoroughly explained the process, options available and I feel provided me the best terms for which I could qualify. Communication was consistent and responsive. He also helped me with my taxes and insurance and guided me through the escrow process. Incredibly knowledgeable! I would happily work with Jesse again and would recommend others to GFM

By: Coleen-Austin, Tx


10/26/2016 -New Home Purchase
Overall Rating: 5 stars Rate: 5 stars Fees & Closing Costs: 5 stars Responsiveness: 5 stars Customer Service: 5 stars

Would recommend to a friend: Yes

Review Title: One of a Kind
We cannot say enough good things about Chris Peck and the entire team at Guaranty Federal Mortgage. We started our home buying process early, 6 months before we ended up purchasing our home, and because we were first time home buyers, we had A LOT of questions. Chris was always available, even when our conversations lasted an hour, and he never made us feel like we were inconveniencing him. Every time something changed with our contract or the verbiage of something was not completely straightforward, Chris would call to make sure we understood completely what we were signing. His staff was always polite and helpful when we would call, and was just as thorough as Chris when it came to explaining documents or answering questions. We would recommend Guaranty Federal Mortgage to anyone planning to buy a home. They are truly one of a kind.

By Otteman: Dallas, Tx

12/20/2016 [Review ID: 78886824]

Overall Rating: 5 stars Rate: 5 stars Fees & Closing Costs: 5 stars Responsiveness: 5 stars Customer Service: 5 stars

Would recommend to a friend: Yes

Review Title: Great loan experience

I wanted to find a local lender with Texas values, and that's just what I got. My lender was in contact with me from the start of the process to after the loan closed. Jesse was available every day, even if it was a weekend or an evening. My loan required a lot of special attention, and he made sure my loan closed. I ran in to problems with other lenders, and he had the knowledge and experience to navigate me all the way. Even when we weren't talking about the loan, I could simply talk to him about family and sports, even though he did follow a rival team of mine! Would recommend, and have already recommended. Thanks again Jesse

By:Ron-Corpus Christi

12/04/2013 [Review ID: 33115582]

Overall Rating: 5 stars Rate: 5 stars Fees & Closing Costs: 5 stars Responsiveness: 5 stars Customer Service: 5 stars

Would recommend to a friend: Yes

Review Title: Outstanding

I refinanced through Guaranty Federal Mortgage and their Loan Advisor Sandra Ottinger. I must say this process could not have gone better. She was a complete professional and as courteous as anyone I have ever met. While expediting the process she never made me feel rushed or pushed into anything. She always had immediate answers and explained clearly all of the options available to me. Her integrity and diligence made for a straightforward, comfortable experience. Thanks, Sandra!

By: HARV. Allen Tx

12/03/2013 [Review ID: 33109502]

Overall Rating: 5 stars Rate: 5 stars Fees & Closing Costs: 5 stars Responsiveness: 5 stars Customer Service: 5 stars

Would recommend to a friend: Yes

Review Title: Very Professional

I found this company to have very high expectations for themselves. This translated into an experience that involved high professionalism and knowledge of what they are doing. My closing was a week later than originally estimated, but I suppose this was due to my self-employed status. It seemed the underwriter was overly-inquisitive of my situation and created more hoops than normal to jump through. I do not think that is a reflection of GFM but as the expected closing date rolled by I would have liked a little more communication. Other than that, I would put Chris Peck's communication skills as very superior. That being said, I would rate this mortgage process as the best I have ever experienced. Thank you for working with me.

BY: GarciaOD, Round Rock TX

11/14/2013 [Review ID: 32780730]

Overall Rating: 5 stars Rate: 5 stars Fees & Closing Costs: 5 stars Responsiveness: 5 stars Customer Service: 5 stars

Would recommend to a friend: Yes

Review Title: First Time Home Buyer

You guys did a great job. You were very helpful and patient with me. If I ever purchase another home I will definitely use Guaranty Federal.

BY: Bluegoose Girl, Frisco, TX

11/21/2013 [Review ID: 32932762]

Overall Rating: 5 stars Rate: 5 stars Fees & Closing Costs: 5 stars Responsiveness: 5 stars Customer Service: 5 stars

Would recommend to a friend: Yes

Review Title: Wow, that was easy!

LendingTree made it easy to look through a wide variety of lenders for our recent refinance. I did a considerable amount of outside due diligence and found the comments and reviews inside of LendingTree were consistent with what I found elsewhere. I am very glad that I chose Guaranty Federal Mortgage. Our loan advisor, Sandra Ottinger, was first-rate and answered a considerable amount of questions quickly and completely. I say "considerable amount of questions" because I tend to question everything and want everything explained to me. Sandra's interactions with me were always with highest professionalism and with obvious care for the customer. One of my biggest concerns was transacting such an important piece of business long-distance, but this company made the process straightforward and extremely efficient. It was very nice to see my "paid in full" statement from my old lender this week, and I am grateful to Sandra and Guaranty Federal for providing us with this opportunity to refinance and save lots of money and put us on the road to pay off our mortgage eight years sooner than we had originally planned with our old mortgage. I recommend this company for your refinance or mortgage! They are great!!!



11/21/2013 [Review ID: 32919463]

Overall Rating: 5 stars Rate: 5 stars Fees & Closing Costs: 5 stars Responsiveness: 5 stars Customer Service: 5 stars

Would recommend to a friend: Yes

Review Title: Top of the MARK!

Let me start by saying this was the most smooth, organized and successful mortgage transaction I have ever completed. Robert Delgado was top of the mark on performance and execution the loan. The initial conversations were about rates; cash out, time frames and the overall loan processes. He provided a detailed list of information being requested; and the back and forth requests were minimal. When Robert sent the loan papers for review and signature, he indicated he would call me at home that night to discuss. He called on time and went over each and every page and explained the why and where to sign. During the overall loan process, Robert either answered the phone when I called, or returned my inquiry immediately. Follow up and communications were excellent!! Mr. Delgado was personable, professional, expedient and honest! The loan was closed and completed in the expected and precise time frame with no hang-ups or snags. The whole transaction was conducted by phone and the only in office time was for the actual closing of the loan. I would not have any hesitation to utilize Robert Delgado and Guaranty Federal Mortgage for future mortgage loan services. A++++++++++++++

By: V Collins Dallas, TX





Overall Rating: 5 stars Rate: 5 stars Fees & Closing Costs: 5 stars Responsiveness: 5 stars Customer Service: 5 stars

Would recommend to a friend: Yes

I wanted to write this email to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for the team at Guaranty Federal Mortgage. Back in April 2013, my husband and I wanted to refinance our home. At that time we were working with another lender who made a lot of false promises. We were told that we could do a cash-out VA refinance. Come to find out that the rules in Texas are very different than in other states and that particular lender was not knowledgeable about refinancing a mortgage in Texas. For over 6 months we tried to refinance our home and we have good credit and little debt. Needless to say we were at our wits end!

Then one day I found Guaranty Federal Mortgage and spoke to Chris Peck on the phone. At the time I did not know that he was the owner of the company. He took it upon himself to look into my loan and see if refinancing would be an option for us. He was very professional, friendly, and willing to educate us on our options. Chris was also quick to return phone calls and emails. He kept my husband and I informed every step of the process so we never had to wonder what was going on. We started the loan process in October and we closed on the refinance November 7th! It took less than a month! Lisa Tutt was our Loan Processor and she was amazing! I never met anyone who responded to emails as quickly as she did. I can't speak enough about the excellent service we received from Guaranty Federal Mortgage. I will definitely recommend them to everyone that I know!


By: Tiffany Dixon Frisco, Tx


09/06/2013 [Review ID: 30915910]

Overall Rating: 5 stars Rate: 5 stars Fees & Closing Costs: 5 stars Responsiveness: 5 stars Customer Service: 5 stars

Would recommend to a friend: Yes

Review Title: Perfect Execution!

I went to lending tree to verify if my friend was giving me a competitive quote. After speaking with several lenders GFM not only beat my friends offer but all the other ones as well. After reading the other customer reviews I locked in with them. I was buying a foreclosure and the bank only gave me 16 days to close so everything had to go just right to meet the time line. My Loan Advisor(Chris Peck) was extremely thorough upfront explaining all the nuances of what it would take to meet our closing date and what would be needed from us to make it happen. Long story short he had us fully approved in 8 business days and we were waiting on the seller to get their act together and close on time. Even when they weren't GFM stepped in and made things happen quickly. Thank you Chris and your team for a great experience!

By: Hyster,Houston, Tx

07/10/2013 [Review ID: 30022768]

Overall Rating: 5 stars Rate: 5 stars Fees & Closing Costs: 5 stars Responsiveness: 5 stars  Customer Service: 5 stars

Would recommend to a friend: Yes

Review Title: Perfect Refi

After speaking with several clients and hearing their personal horror stories regarding refinancing I was skeptical. A friend recommended GFM for an easy refi. I called the next day and spoke with Chris Peck. That man has a passion for the business. My refi was complete in a matter of weeks. The entire staff at GFM was extremely efficient and friendly. I actually had such a good experience with my first loan I turned around and did a refinance on my investment property as well and that went extremely well also. Thanks Chris and the GFM staff.

 By: MM    Location: Frisco, TX


07/23/2013 [Review ID: 30142918]

Overall Rating: 5 stars Rate: 5 stars Fees & Closing Costs: 5 stars Responsiveness: 5 stars

Customer Service: 5 stars                                              Would recommend to a friend: Yes

Review Title: Great Job

Their rates and closing costs were outstanding. Paid closing costs for my refi out-of-pocket so, so this was more important to me than even the rate (since our old rate and new rate were pretty close, and we were just trying to get rid of PMI). Service was great, my rep MikeM was responsive and on-the-ball. And because I was well prepared and had most of my documents ready, or back to them within 2 days of each request, our closing was exactly when it should have been.



Lender Review: 4/29/13

Overall Rating: 5 stars Rate: 5 stars Fees & Closing Costs: 5 stars Responsiveness: 5 stars Customer Service: 5 stars

Having to deal with an almost an impossible situation with refinancing due to owning a condominium in Dallas, Chris was able finally get my refinance done. I also contacted multiple other brokers throughout the process and not one of them knew all the ins-and-outs nor would research any potential road blocks the way Chris did. He took the time to explain the process, roadblocks, and solutions in terms that anyone could understand. I truly believe no other lender could have gotten my refinance done.

His service and work ethic is hard to find.

Thanks Chris!

By: V. Assar, CPA,  Dallas Tx

04/17/2013 [Review ID: 28648890]

Overall Rating: 5 stars Rate: 5 stars Fees & Closing Costs: 5 stars Responsiveness: 5 stars Customer Service: 5 stars

Would recommend to a friend: Yes

Review Title: WONDERFUL!

Awesome is all I can say! Dan at GFM was truly remarkable to work with. He said what he was going to do and HE DID IT. Once we got him and his staff everything they needed it was smooth sailing. I would definitely use them again and I am recommending them to anyone reading this message. You won't regret it. I found them to be fair, honest and possess a 'get the job done attitude' .

By : Vee in Frisco, TX


Review Date:3/25/13

Overall Rating: 5 stars Rate:5 stars Fees & Closing Costs:5 stars Customer Service: 5 stars

Would recommend to a friend: Yes


After talking to two other mortgage lenders to help with the refinance of my home, my wife and I decided to explore cashing out a portion of our equity to help finance a new pool in our backyard. This proved to be an issue for the two lenders I had previously talked to, so a friend recommended Chris Peck with Guaranty Federal Mortgage. Working with Chris was fantastic. Not only was he able to accomplish what we wanted, but he was extremely helpful in explaining everything to me and was very prompt throughout the process. He got us an excellent interest rate with the lowest closing costs of anyone we had previously talked to. A “cash out” refinance can tend to be more complicated these days, and Chris was still able to accomplish this for us and get us closed within 3 weeks of starting the process. The entire process was extremely smooth and efficient. I would definitely recommend Chris and Guaranty Federal Mortgage to anyone looking for a mortgage lender. We look forward to swimming in our new pool this summer. Thanks Chris.

By: LDale- Dallas, Tx

Review Date:2/13/13

Overall Rating: 5 stars Rate:5 stars  Fees & Closing Costs:5 stars Customer Service: 5 stars 

Would recommend to a friend: Yes                 Review Title: Exceeded Expectations! 

I wanted to send a quick thanks to Chris and Roslyn at GFM for all of their efforts in helping me refinance my home in a very timely and efficient manner.  Without a doubt, it was the best mortgage experience I've encountered to date.  I initially contacted GFM while shopping around for the best rate and lowest fees for my refinance.  Within minutes of talking to Chris, it was evident that not only did they offer the best rates and lowest fees, but that these guys knew what they were doing and how to treat a customer.  My refinance was quick and painless, and I continue to recommend them to friends and relatives looking for the best service with their own refinancing matters.  Thanks again, and keep up the good work!

By: Jward-Frisco Tx


02/26/2013 [Review ID: 27654469]

Overall Rating: 5 stars        Would recommend to a friend: Yes

Review Title: The MOST trouble free REFI EVER!

Dan at GFM was the 'difference'. His emails were direct, concise, professional, and knowledgeable. His answers were comprehensive and timely. Responsiveness after hours and on weekends (when I can work on the refi) was the best of all. I have refi'd or bought houses about 6 times now, this was the best yet. The rate I received is also very competitive. I would recommend Dan at GFM to everyone. Cheers my friend, I have already referred you to all my friends!

By: LuisfromHouston  -Refinance

02/25/2013 [Review ID: 27638712]

Overall Rating: 5 stars Rate: 5 stars  Fees & Closing Costs: 5 stars Responsiveness: 5 stars Customer Service: 5 stars

Would recommend to a friend: Yes                                             Review Title: Review of Guaranty Federal

I just closed on my refinance of my morgage loan. Dan Grider was my loan officer and he consistently performed as a top notch professional throughout the process - from the initial app through closing. He was able to answer all my questions promptly and made the process painless. His team also did a great job with letting me know what docs they needed and I beleive the loan was expedited as much as possible , especially with a delay due to my HOA not providing the Homeowners Insurance Policy information in a timely manner. I will not hestitate to recommend Dan to family,friends , and co-workers who I know are looking for a mortgage loan for either a purchase or refinance. I am very satisfied with Dan and Guaranty Federal in all respects.

BY: Michael V : Irving Tx ,Refi

02/21/2013 [Review ID: 27568096]

Overall Rating: 5 stars  Rate: 5 stars    Fees & Closing Costs: 5 stars    Responsiveness: 5 stars  Customer Service: 5 stars

Would recommend to a friend: Yes                     Review Title: Helpful

It was a pleasure working with Robert Degado. He was informative and helpful and ALWAYS contacted me with answers to questions and updates on our loan progress.

By: Bird- Purchase, Tx 

02/14/2013 [Review ID: 27202639]

Overall Rating: 5 stars    Rate: 5 stars   Fees & Closing Costs: 5 stars Responsiveness: 5 stars Customer Service: 5 stars

Would recommend to a friend: Yes

Review Title: Flawless!

I had a fantastic experience with GFM. From my initial call with Robert all the way to the notarizer who did our closing, our loan was handled speedily, efficiently and in a very personal way. I am already looking into refinancing other properties with GFM, and would recommend them to anyone!

Reviewed on Guaranty Federal Mortgage

By: Clarissa-Dallas Tx, Refinance

02/12/2013 [Review ID: 27172934]

Overall Rating: 5 stars             Would recommend to a friend: Yes

Review Title: thorough and professional

My experience with Guaranty and my loan officer, Dan, was largely positive. My financial circumstances made my loan a bit more complicated than some, but throughout it all, Dan was calm and professional - even when I wasn't. The rate I got was far better than I was quoted by my large national bank and the closing fees were comparable. I believe they did everything they could to make my transaction as smooth as possible.Review Details:

By: Dahtaw; Refinance Houston, Tx

Review: 1/3/13 Overall Rating: 5 Stars

Hi Chris,

Closing went well. The agent was a funny guy, which made the paper signing marathon go by quickly.Thank you for all your help. And thank Roslyn for her last minute magic to get me to across the finish line by the 31st.

You guys are the best!

Happy New Year!!

By: T Carroll, Austin Tx

12/11/2012 [Review ID: 26105991]

Overall Rating: 5 stars                       Would recommend to a friend: Yes

Review Title: Dan Grider is the best!!!

Dan Grider has been an true pleasure to work with. From the beginning and through the end, he was a class act and consummate professional. When I began to build my home, I went with a lender that was referred to me by my realtor. Things were ok in the beginning, but as we got closer to the home’s completion, things changed. The lender became very unresponsive and the numbers he had originally quoted were no longer what he was offering. As a result, I went to Lending Tree and shopped the loan. I received several very competitive offers. All were better than my existing deal, but one was the best of these new offers – it was the one from Guaranty Federal Mortgage’s Dan Grider. I didn’t have the best credit, so to get such a great rate (3.625%) was so exciting to me. Additionally, Dan’s offer had the least amount of fees. Now, I just wanted to save, so compromised service was something I was willing to live with, but that is certainly not what I got. The service was exceptional. Dan was always available when I needed to speak with him. He rapidly returned all emails and made me comfortable during any periods of stress. His experience was demonstrated throughout the entire process of this deal. I couldn’t have made a better choice. Dan was certainly the best and I’d highly recommend him.


 10/30/12 [Review ID:25332857]

Overall Rating: 5 stars Would recommend to a friend: Yes

Thanks Chris. I appreciate your attention on our loan. Darlene and I are very pleased with our experience with you and your company. I will certainly recommend you to any family or friends that might need a loan.

Blake Lind

10/11/2012 [Review ID: 25332856]

Overall Rating: 5 stars Rate: 5 stars  Fees & Closing Costs: 5 stars Customer Service: 5 stars

Would recommend to a friend: Yes

Review Title: Refreshing for 2012 !

I am a bank lawyer. I know how difficult it can be to either finance or refinance. Chris Peck and Guaranty Federal Mortgage make these challenges as easy as possible in the current regulatory environment. They are honest to their word and do what they say. Very refreshing in 2012. Paul


9/01/2012 [Review ID: 24897084]

Overall Rating: Overall Rating  5 out of 5

Rate: 5 stars Fees & Closing Costs: 5 stars Responsiveness: 5 stars Customer Service: 5 stars

Would recommend to a friend: Yes    Review Title: Great purchase experience

I worked with Chris and Roslyn on the purchase of a new house. Chris patiently walked me through all the options and questions i had and gave me the best rates and closing costs. The loan closed in less than 20 business days.Definitely a five star experience. Highly recommended.

8/31/12 Review for GFM


This is the second time we have chosen to finance our home through Guaranty Federal Mortgage. We contacted Chris Peck when we decided to refinance our mortgage because we were so happy with our first experience. Chris is amazing. He is very knowledgable and took all the time we needed to make sure we understood all of our options. He was also very quick to respond when we called or emailed with questions Chris found us a great rate with low closing costs. We closed our loan in 21 days! Thank you Chris, great job!

By: D Fields, Houston Tx

8/20/12 Reiview for GFM

I just wanted to drop a line and say thanks to Chris Peck and GFM for helping me refinance our home this month. Chris was outstanding to work with and I can honestly say this was the best mortgage financing experience I have had. I give them a 5 star rating and 100% customer satisfaction rating. Thanks again.


Eric D. Jacobsen

Overall Rating 5 out of 5

Review for GFM:                                 

I worked with Chris upon the intial recommendation of my cousin. He not only got me a great rate but also quickly responded to my many questions and concerns. He made sure I closed on time and alerted me to any changes that could delay the process . I highly recommend him and the GFM team. Thank you GFM and Chris!!!

By: M Nagori

Frisico Tx  Reviewed On: August 9, 2012

Overall Rating  5 out of 5

By: EdwardH
Dallas, TX             Reviewed On: July 24, 2012                 Loan Request: May 22, 2012

Fantastic Refi Experience

5 out of 5

I had read about the low rates available for refinancing so I called the very large national bank that my mortgage is with currently. I was very surprised to find out that the fees to refi with my current lender were tremendously high. Like many of you, I thought of Lending Tree. I applied on line and had calls within minutes. I chose Guaranty Federal Mortgage because the initial conversation cut right to the chase. Chris Peck knew what I was trying to accomplish and he told me how we could do it (without spending a long time on the phone). We got right to business - no nonsense - and the refi worked exactly as he explained it to me on day one. The entire process was very short and easy. Completed in about three weeks - total! The rate was as quoted and the fees, again as quoted, were substantially less than with my current lender. Overall, I would highly recommend GFM. Chris and the whole staff have it tailored for simplicity and speed.

08/01/2012 [Review ID:24146263]

Overall Rating: 5 stars Rate: 5 stars Fees & Closing Costs: 5 stars Responsiveness: 5 stars


Everything went well. So happy I'm closed. Thanks so much for everything you have done. You really worked this thing really fast. I am so impressed and will forward you name to anyone else I may know that wants to refinance.




06/26/2012 [Review ID: 24146259]

Overall Rating: 5 stars Rate: 5 stars Fees & Closing Costs: 5 stars Responsiveness: 5 stars

Customer Service: 5 stars                                      Would recommend to a friend: Yes

Review Title: Loan Review

I worked with Dan Grider and Roselyn on my loan. They were very responsive to questions and took care of any concerns I had. I really enjoyed working with them. They were able to provide the best rates and lowest closing cost around. I really appreciate working with Dan and Roselyn.

06/26/2012 [Review ID: 24138171]

Overall Rating: 5 stars Rate: 5 stars Fees & Closing Costs: 5 stars Responsiveness: 5 stars

Customer Service: 5 stars                                   Would recommend to a friend: Yes

Review Title: Well Above Expectactions!

I wanted a great rate on a mortgage loan with low closing costs and the folks at GFM went above and beyond to meet the challenge - specially since I had some very unique circumstances. Chris and Roslyn explained the process in detail and helped me navigate the intricate new world of mortgage financing, we had tight deadlines to meet and being responsive to their requests for information was key to the success of the process. Chris, with his many years in the industry, will fight for you and deliver on the promise of 100% customer satisfaction and always giving straight answers to sometimes complicated situations; honesty is something I really value. I recommend GFM all the way and if they can't help you, they will let also you know. No gimmicks - Great experience overall!

06/14/2012 [Review ID: 23991632]

Overall Rating: 5 starsRate: 5 starsFees: 5 starsResponsiveness: 5 starsCustomer Service: 5 stars

Would recommend to a friend: Yes  Review Title: Guaranty Federal Mortgage

I really had a great Senior Loan Officer with Guaranty Federal Mortgage. He was very friendly and took care of business in a polite and helpful manner. I felt like he really cared about my house loan. To bad we dont have more people like him in the world.

05/29/2012 [Review ID: 23812299]

Overall Rating: 5 stars Rate: 5 stars Fees & Closing Costs: 5 stars Responsiveness: 5 stars Customer Service: 5 stars  Would recommend to a friend: Yes

Review Title: Great customer service with no surprises!

Guaranty Federal Mortgage offered me the best rate and lowest closing costs for my refinance, but what really stood out what the customer service provided by Robert Delgado and Roslyn Long. From the beginning, Robert was exceptionally personable and genuine. I wanted to select someone who would be responsive, easy to work with, and would deliver as promised - Robert excelled in all these aspects. He was always willing to help with any questions or concerns and did so with a pleasant attitude. Likewise, Roslyn was very quick and helpful with the processing. I had sensitive time constraints due to international travel, and both Robert and Roslyn helped tremendously in getting my refinance processed and closed in time and with no surprises. I would (and already have) recommend them to anyone seeking a mortgage loan!

05/09/2012 Overall Rating: 5 stars Rate: 5 stars Fees & Closing Costs: 5 stars

Responsiveness: 5 stars Customer Service: 5 stars

Would recommend to a friend: Yes     Review Title: 30 days and no pain

Only a month to close (Mar 30 - May 7), and we probably could have done it faster. They were very attentive and responded to both phone and email very quickly. The transition from the "sales people" to the "loan people" was smooth, and the "sales" guy stayed in touch the whole time. No pressure felt on the deal, even when we decided to scrap PMI. The closing occurred at our house, we got an appraisal that was fair and accurate, minimal costs, found out my credit score (x3) and overall had the easiest lending process of my life. I'll definitely use Guaranty the next time I need lending assistance - I highly recommend and appreciate how great they were.

5/3/12 Overall Rating: 5 Stars

Dear GFM(Chris),


I’m sorry for the delay but wanted to let you know you guys were a 5 out of 5!!! Great experience and diligence throughout the process!!! I truly appreciate all your efforts in making our Refinancing experience a pleasant one – even when we had to change our closing location due to a loss in our family!!!


Thank you so much!





Lisa L. K
National Director of Physician Technology Sales

05/03/2012 Overall Rating: 5 stars Rate: 5 stars Fees & Closing Costs: 5 stars Responsiveness: 5 stars Customer Service: 5 stars

Would recommend to a friend: Yes 

We recently completed a refinance with Guaranty and everything went smoothly. Robert Delgado was our loan advisor and he kept us informed throughout the whole process. He was very quick to respond and answer any questions or address any issues that came up. Very helpful and personal service. Easy to reach, very responsive to calls and e-mails. He never seemed to be in a hurry, he took as much time as needed to explain everything and get us the best rate. We are very happy with this company and would definitely use them again.

5/1/12 Overall Rating: 5 stars Rate: 5 stars  Fees & Closing Costs: 5 stars Responsiveness: 5 stars

Customer Service: 5 stars

Would recommend to a friend: Yes                         Review Title: Excellence!

I have nothing but positive to say about my experience with Guaranty Federal Mortgage. From my first contact to closing everything went smoothly and quickly. I particularly liked no pressure and laid back approach to selling the loan, diligence in answering my questions and overall professionalism. People I interacted with went above and beyond and made my refinancing a breeze for the second time with this lender. Thank you so much.

05/01/2012 Overall Rating: 5 stars

Rate: 5 stars Fees & Closing Costs: 5 stars Responsiveness: 5 stars Customer Service: 5 stars

Would recommend to a friend: Yes                  Review Title: Easy Breezy!

It was almost too easy to re-fi my house! I had heard horror stories from neighbors, but Guaranty Federal made the entire process completely painless. Chris and his team of professionals were a joy to work with! Thanks for everything!!!


04/30/2012 Overall Rating: 5 stars

Customer Service: 5 stars            Would recommend to a friend: Yes

Dan Grider and Roslyn Long assisted us and helped us through the process of refinancing our home loan in a very efficient and professional manner. I would recommend them to anyone.

04/27/2012 By: SMcnallen- Overall Rating: 5 stars Rate: 5 stars Fees & Closing Costs: 5starsResponsiveness: 5 starsCustomer Service: 5 stars

Would recommend to a friend: Yes             Review Title: Exellent Mortage Lender

Guaranty Federal Mortgage was very quick and always had someone available to answer any questions we had. Always took the time to make sure we understood everything. Also received a rate lower than what the current market rate was. Excellent company to work with.

04/02/2012 By: Hardyboy- Houston TX -Overall Rating: 5 stars

Would recommend to a friend: Yes    Review Title: fast, friendly, service and great rates!!!!

I had a short time frame to work with and in less than 3 weeks I was moving into my new home. I got a great rate that was way better than the big banks. Chris at GFM was sooo knowledgeable and friendly. I started with one of the big banks and they took a week to get me a rate quote. I said forget this and I tried lending tree. I got several promising quotes and after speaking with 5 of the agents I wanted to give GFM a try. The biggest reason were the reviews. They had hundreds of reviews and almost a 5 star rating and now I know why. Thank you GFM!

04/01/2012 Rating: 5 stars- Review Title: Highly Recommended and Great Customer Service

This company made this process extremely easy and I would highly recommend them to anyone wanting excellent customer service and a great rate and low fees. Initially, I chose them due to the low fees and great interest rate. I was pleased that the customer service was just as great as the rates and fees. I worked with Robert Delgado from the first call until my home closed. Robert is awesome to work with. He kept in touch with me through phone contact and email and made sure I was aware at all times of exactly where we were in the process and what he needed to keep the process moving quickly. Robert is easy going, and pleasant to talk to and always able to talk and help solve problems. Calls were immediately returned and questions answered. His pleasant disposition and helpfulness made a typically stressful process very easy. At the end of the process, I worked with Roslyn Long to finalize all of the needed information for closing and she was also very efficient, professional, and followed through on everything she said she would do in a timely manner. In addition to the great customer service, they followed through on their commitment to close in less than 20 days and there were no surprises at closing, as their good faith estimate mirrored what I saw at closing. Overall, and this being the 5th time I have purchased a home, this was the best experience so far. I HIGHLY recommend them. 

By: Texas 5 Stars
3/23/12 Great company Great rate!
I'm a real person with a real review, and an actual home purchased though GFM and their team. I worked with Wayne, Chris, and Roslyn on my mortgage. Wayne took my application and got me a great rate. Wayne was able to secure me 3.875 for 30 years, with a 705 middle score. Their fees are the best, and the customer service was great. I even sent their quotes around to other mortgage firms (like Dave Ramseys Churchill Mortgage) and no one could touch them. Those firms just couldn't compete. I'll be honest it then made me a bit scared and skeptical-as things that are usually too good to be true usually aren't. When I went to close they asked me if the Wayne was a personal friend. I told them no, why do you ask. They could not believe the deal, rate, and closings costs I received from GFM. They treated me with respect, and were available anytime I called. I would not just recommend GFM to anyone, I would HIGHLY recommend them as my experience was exceptional.

By: BRSJackson 5 Stars
Seabrook, Texas  3/22/12 My refinancing experience went very well. Everything was good. Mr. Peck was informative and supportive. His thoroughness was impressive and his assistant, Ms. Long, was patient and thorough as well. My overall experience was nothing less than pleasurable!

By: LeonardL 5 Stars
Georgetown, TX 3/6/12 -Best mortgage refinance experience I ever had!

By: Ahha  5 Stars
Plano, TX AJ 2/24/12  Every thing went on schedule, as advertised. Very pleased overall with the rates as well as efficiency and courtiesness. I have already referred my relatives to Chris and Roslyn for refinancing.

By: Cowboy
Keene Texas Reviewed On: February 21, 2012

Chris Peck and Roslyn Long have been a pleasure to work with! They both have been very courteous and responsive to my needs in obtaining a refinance of our home. I will recommend Guarantee Federal Mortgage to anyone who wants prompt and friendly service on the processing of their mortgage. Chris and Roslyn personify the phrase "Texas Friendly" and my wife and I are very grateful for their service.

By: Amy1018 5 Stars
Dallas, TX Reviewed On: February 11, 2012

Excellent Customer Service

The first thing that caught my attention with Guaranty Federal was not only the speed in which they got me my first offer but the customer service. Robert and Rosalyn were excellent. I had SO many questions - Robert never once made me feel like I was an idiot or treated me like I was an inconvenience to him. If the call took 30 minutes that was fine with him. He was very good and calling me and giving me the play by play while they worked on my refinancing. There was just something about working with Guaranty that provided that personal touch that the other lenders did not seem to have. I feel so comfortable with them that I could call them with questions even though my deal is sealed. This company is the real deal. They will not take advantage or you and their underwriter is very festidious. It can be frustrating but you know that the reason they are asking the things they are is because they don't give shotty loans. Great company - highly recommend! Ask for Robert!!!!

By: bmprigge
Houston, TX  Reviewed On: February 6, 2012

Excellent Service

I recently closed on my new home with Guaranty Federal Mortgage and only have good things to say about them. After being "pre-approved" with another lender only to place a bid on a house and then find out that my credit issues were going to prevent me from buying it, I was lost. I was contacted by Chris Peck from GFM and he helped me through every step. Not only did he help me get my credit to where it needed to be to buy my house, he helped me fix it permanently and took the time to show me how to do it right. The people at GFM are more than helpful, and you would be doing yourself a disservice to go anywhere else.

By: Celeste
Plano, TX Reviewed On: January 9, 2012

We had a great experience working with Guaranty Federal Mortgage. Chris Peck kept us on track and made sure everything went through smoothly. We are so pleased with our refinance loan and would recommend Guaranty Federal Mortgage to anyone in the market for a mortgage.

12/30/11 5 Stars- By: Rlong-Dallas Tx

I just closed on my refinance with Guaranty Federal. It took me about 35 days which i thought was good with the Holidays. I found them on Lending Tree and got a great fixed rate of 3.75% on a 30 yr loan.The process was more involved than the last time i got a loan but they explained with all the new regulations and underwriting guidelines tightening why the documentation was required. All in all i was very pleased with the outstanding service and time my loan advisor spent explaining the loan process to me. Wayne was great to deal with. I've recommended them to my neighbors who are looking to refinance as well. thank you GFM!!

By: Frogger 5 Stars
Brownsville, Texas Reviewed On: November 3, 2011

First Time Homeowners Dream come True!!!!!

I had dreaded the home buying experience for many years due to my lack of experience and lack of knowledge in the area. Thankfully I was put in touch with two gentlemen who were very straight forward and knowledgable in the field. They were Chris Peck and Kevin Rose. They were very patient and helped me through every step of the way. I feel that we recieved our monies worth. I would highly recommend thier services.

10/30/11 5 Stars-By MJacobs-Dallas Tx


I just bought my first home and I had no idea how difficult it was to get financed if you had blemishes on your credit. Thank you GFM for believing in me and helping me to understand the whole loan process even up to the point the seller gave me my NEW HOME KEYS! Great Job and my family thanks you! I would recommend this firm to anyone looking for a home loan.

9/30/11- By: BD Dallas Tx

Getting a loan being self employed I found to be difficult but GFM found a way to get it done. I was referred to them by a friend of mine that used them on Lending Tree. Great service, fees and rates. Thanks for loan GFM

By: BigC
Avinger, TX Reviewed On: September 13, 2011

Great Service

 had a title company that was a little behind the times. They worked thru all the issues and still got the loan closed before 30 days!

8/16/11-By:Happy Customer 

I don't usually do this sort of thing but these guys went way over and beyond to help me get my new home purchased. I know it is much harder to get financing these days compared to my last purchase but I truly had No idea things had gotten this difficult. While I know my situation is not perfect I couldn't believe I got turned down by three other lenders. After speaking to my loan advisor at GFM he explained to me why the other lenders had told me NO and walked me through what I needed to do get approved. The other guys just said NO and basically hung up. I guess my 150k loan wasn't worth their time. Anyway GFM took the time to understand my situation and found a way to structure my loan and get it approved. My family appreciates all your efforts because we are now settled in before the school year starts. THANKS FOR ALL THE HARD WORK AND EXTRA EFFORT GFM.

By: 1234
Frisco, TX Reviewed On: August 10, 2011

GFM review

Good guys to work with. Went the extra mile for my non standard loan.

By: JCan
North Richland Hills, TX Reviewed On: August 9, 2011

Great Customer Service & Responsiveness

I had the pleasure of working with Chris Peck during our Refinance process and he was fantastic to deal with. Any question I had was addressed in a timely fashion, and he & his whole team worked very efficiently through email (my preferred method 95% of the time). This type of customer service makes all the difference in the world when going through such a large transaction.

7/27/11-By: KM-Frisco Tx


I found GFM on Lending Tree and contacted them about my new home purchase. I had probably 10 different lenders call me but GFM was the only one willing to take the time to explain what all the numbers meant. I'm sure some of the other lenders were givnig me good offers but going the extra mile and taking the time to explain everything to me was key in my using them and I had a million questions to ask. I also secured a rate and cost well below the national avg from my comparisons. All in all i closed in 25 days which was 5 days earlier than my contract stated. I have referred my sister to GFM and she is doing a refinance. I would recommend this company to anyone looking for a mortgage loan and ask for Chris. He was my loan officer.

BY:BKelley 4/1/2009

I would like to recognize Millett for a wonderful job with our loan. I only took calls from two lenders and after talking to Millett for five minutes I knew I would go with Guaranty Federal. When Millett was hurt I was a little afraid the same care would not be carried out but I was wrong, Ken did a great job. We appreciate the wonderful experience from the first call to the closing this morning. They are truly what America business should be about. Thanks again for a job well done. Wayne & Betty Kelley